Work in progress

reviewed G. Yaron, A. Meershoek, G. Widdershoven & J. Slatman Recognizing Difference: In/visibility in the Everyday Lives of Individuals with Facial Limb Absence. Submitted to Disability and Society (conditionally accepted).
In press J. Slatman. The Körper-Leib distinction. In A. Murphy, G. Salamon & G. Weiss (Eds.)  50 Keywords in Phenomenology. Northwestern University Press
submitted M. Marini & J. Slatman The case of the “Auxiliary Total Artificial Heart”: An Anthropological study on the (un)naturalness of artificial heart devices. Submitted to Science, Technology, & Human Values (October 2017)
reviewed De Boer, M., K. Zeiler & J. Slatman Sharing lives, sharing bodies: Partners negotiating breast cancer experiences. Body & Society(revision in process)
In press J. Slatman. Reclaiming embodiment in medically unexplained symptoms. In K. Aho (ed.). Existential Medicine: Essays on Health and Illness. Rowman & Littlefield