Work in progress

submitted G. Yaron, A. Meershoek, G. Widdershoven & J. Slatman Recognizing Difference: In/visibility in the Everyday Lives of Individuals with Facial Limb Absence. Submitted to Disability and Society (March 2017).
In press  Halsema, A. & J. Slatman. The second person’s perspective in phenomenology and hermeneutics. In. H. Fielding & D. Olkowski (eds.). Future Directions in Feminist Phenomenology. Indiana University Press
submitted  Koncul, A & J. Slatman Fencing for the Blind and Visually Impaired: a Phenomenological Analysis. Submitted to  Disability and Society (November 2016).
reviewed De Boer, M., K. Zeiler & J. Slatman Sharing lives, sharing bodies: Partners negotiating breast cancer experiences. Body & Society(revision in process)
submitted  De Boer, M. & J. Slatman The mediated breast. Shaping women’s agency in their engagement with medical technologies and prosthetic artifacts in breast cancer. Hypatia