Supervision & Reviewing


2015-2018 Ana Koncul – Constructions of Limitations: Cultural Marginalization of Altered Embodiment. Telemark University College, Norway. I am a co-supervisor in this project.
2011-2017 Gili Yaron – Facing One’s Loss of Face (phenomenological study of the face, incorporating interviews with people who use a facial prosthesis). PhD candidate VIDI-project
2011-2016 Marjolein de Boer – Ideal Shapes, Shaping Ideality (phenomenological-cultural study on how women with breast cancer represent themselves, and inversely how cultural representations affect women’s choices after disfiguring cancer). PhD candidate VIDI-project. PhD defense 14th of December 2016
2015  Jury PhD Hanneke van der Meide, Why frailty needs vulnerability – A care ethical study into the lived experiences of older hospital patients (Supervisiors: Carlo Leget, Gert Olthuis, Frans Vosman), Tilburg University, 6 May, 2015
2014  Jury PhD Nico de Vos, Lichamelijke verbondenheid in beweging. Een filosofisch onderzoek naar intercorporaliteit in de danskunst (Supervisors Odile Heynders, Frans van Peperstraten), Tilburg University, 16 December, 2014
2014 Jury PhD Fauve Lybaert, Personal Identity and the Formal Self, (supervisor Arnold Burms), Hoger Instituut voor Wijsbegeerte, Leuven, 22 April, 2014
2013 Jury PhD Antina de Jong, Prenatal Screening à la carte. Ethical Reflection on the Scope of Testing for fœtal Anomalies, Maastricht University/MUMC (Supervisors: Guido de Wert, Wybo Dondorp, Christine de Die), November 7, 2013
2012 Jury Ph.D. Merel Visse Openings for humanization in modern health care practices. VU Medical Center, Amsterdam (Supervisors Tineke Abma and Guy Widdershoven), December 14, 2012
2012 Jury Ph.D. Jenny Boulboulé In touch with Life: Investigating epistemic practices in the Life Sciences from a hands-on perspective, Maastricht University (Supervisor Robert Zwijnenberg), December 20, 2012
2011 Jury Ph.D. Dissertation Joeri Calsius, Ruimte voor Angst. Het vermogen tot existentiële bewustwording doorheen angst in relatie tot het lichaam en authenticiteit, (Supervisors Hans Alma and Heleen Pott). Universiteit voor Humanistiek, Utrecht, May 17, 2011
2010 Jury Ph.D. Dissertation Liesbet Quaeghebeur A Philosophy of Everyday: Face to Face Conversation (Supervisor Peter Reynaert). Antwerp University, October 11, 2010
2010 Jury Ph.D. Dissertation Luigi Corrias, The Passivity of Law: Competence and Constitution in The European Body Politic, (Supervisor Bert van Roermund), Tilburg University, February 17, 2010
2010 Jury Ph.D. Dissertation Gregory De Vleeschouwer, Getekend door het lichaam: de rol van het lichaam bij de totstandkoming van persoons-identiteit (supervisor Arnold Burms), Hoger Instituut voor Wijsbegeerte, Leuven University, January 11, 2010
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