Conference papers

2023 A phenomenological analysis of Chronic Cancer-Related Fatigue, presentation together with Tom Bootsma. Phenomenology and qualitative research methodologies conference. University of Southern Denmark, Odense, June 8-9, 2023

Here is my recorded part of this presentation:

2023 Anti-narratives and the limits of resilience, presentation at conference: Resilience in the face of adversity: A core text approach, University College Tilburg, January 19-20, 2023.
2021 Lichamelijkheid van psychische aandoeningen. Lezing op de conferentie De Lijfelijkheid van de geest. Fenomenologie van verlies, rouw en herstel. 21 oktober 2021. Tilburg University

2021 Depressie als “belcihaamd ik kan niet”. Lezing op Webinar over Depressie en Lichamelijkheid, van de Society for Psychosomatics, 26 januari 2021.
2019 Voorbij lichaam en geest? Keynote speaker “Landelijk congres Onvoldoende verklaarde Lichamelijke Klachten”, organized by NOLK, October 4, 2019, Buitensociëteit, Zwolle. Hierbij een verslag  van de bijeenkomst door Annemarie Huiberts.
2019 Embodiment: Beyond Body and Mind. Anchor speaker EURONET SOMA Summer school, Groningen University, June 17, 2019
2019 Mind the Body: Rethinking embodiment in healthcare, presentation in Body History seminar (organized by Willemijn Ruberg), Utrecht University, March 29, 2019.
2019 Lichaam en lichamelijkheid in de geneeskunde. Keynote speaker. UCP Symposium “Op het snijvlak van psychiatrie en somatiek” UMC Groningen, 7 februari 2019.
2018 Invited speaker at Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, FL, USA, 13th of November 2018
2018 What is abnormal embodiment? Merleau-Ponty Circle meeting on The Normal and the Abnormal at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, USA, 8-10 November 2018
2018 Of heartsink patients and powerless professionals. Keynote lecture, conference Phenomenology of Medicine and Bioethics, Stockholm, 13-15 June 2018
2018 Keynote speaker annual congress Association for Researchers in Health and Psychology (ARHP), Tilburg University, 25-26 January 2018
2016 The experience of the body. Invited speaker at conference on “An integrative approach to Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms” organized by the Dutch Association for Osteopathy (NVO), 16-17 September 2016
2016  Vulnerability from a phenomenological-materialist view. Invited speaker at conference on Phenomenology and Vulnerability, at New School for Social Research, Husserl Archives, New York City, May 5-6, 2016conference New School
2016  Incorporation and Habituation. Invited speaker at the Center for Science & Society, at Columbia University, New York City, 3 May 2016
2016  Phenomenological materialism: experiencing the body’s materiality. Invited lecture in the series “Dem Erleben auf der Spur: Feminismus und Phänomenologie” (Discovering lived experience: feminism and phenomenology). Free University Berlin, 19 January 2016 Flyer Dem Erleben auf der Spur Feminismus und die Philosophie des Leibes
2015  Invited Lecture: Doing the body: Acquiring skills; habituation to prostheses, tools and physical changes. Telemark University College, Norway, December 2, 2015University Telemark paper
2015  Facing One’s Loss of Face. Key-note speaker Supportive care in Head & Neck Oncology, organized by the International Society of Maxillofacial Rehabilitation (ISMR), at UMC Groningen, 18 June 2015
2015 Panel discussion on my book Our Strange Body. The Nordic Society for Phenomenology annual conference. Phenomenological Crossings. Södertörn University, Stockholm 23-25 April, 2015

stockholm panel 2015click on picture to enlarge
2015 Phenomenology of the Body in the Medical Encounter, paper, Phenomenology and Health conference, TORCH, University of Oxford, March 27-28, 2015.A Highlights video of this conference is available online
2014  A Phenomenological Perspective on Bodily Identity, invited talk, Philosophy Department, University of Bristol, October 29, 2014
2014  “The Body” in history, philosophy, science and culture, invited lecture, BA Medical Humanities, University of Bristol, October 29, 2014
2014 Revisiting the concept of ‘incorporation’. Invited talk, Philosophy Department, Radboud University Nijmegen, May 22, 2014
2014 Handling the disabling sequelae of mutilating treatment. Invited lecture at the 11th International Netherlands Cancer Institute Head and Neck Symposium, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital, Amsterdam, April 10-11, 2014
2014 Invited lecture: Corps étranger: Méditations phénoménologiques sur l’identité corporelle et des interventions médicales, École Française de Daseinsanalyse, École Normale Supérieure, rue d’Ulm, Paris, April 5, 2014
2013 Invited Lecture: Doing the Body: Habituation to Prostheses and Tools. PhD-course in Body-Based Practices. Between Nature and Culture. Telemark University College, BØ Norway, December 9, 2013
2013 Key-note lecture Philosophy in residence: Attending to the empirical without losing conceptual rigor and reflective force. Annual meeting Dutch Research School of Philosophy (OZSW), Erasmus University, Rotterdam, November 15-16, 2013
2013 Research presentation, The meaning of body experience evaluation in oncology, Science Day, GROW School for Oncology & Developmental Biology, Maastricht, November 14 2013
2013 Our Strange Body. Presentation and subsequent round table discussion about my new book (manuscript). Symposium Phenomenologicum, Perugia, Italy, July 8, 2013
2013 Body Talk I: Habituation to bodily changes after breast surgery. Paper at conference Future Directions in Feminist Phenomenology, London, Ontario, Canada, May 23-25
2013 Phenomenology of the Body in Health and Medicine. Invited lecture in the lecture series The Significance of Phenomenology, Philosophy Department, University of Amsterdam, March 28, 2013
2012 Key-note lecture: Patients in the Flesh: On Embodied Selfhood in Medical Practices, at the Conference “Re-thinking the self- Transnational and Transdisciplinary Bioethical and Biopolitical Concerns”, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Helsinki, April 10-12, 2012
2011 Presentation Bodily Integrity in Blemished Bodies, Annual Meeting WTMC, Amsterdam, December, 8-9, 2011
2011 Presentation Bodily Integrity in Blemished Bodies, European Association of Centers of Medical Ethics (EACME) conference, Istanbul, September, 15-17, 2011
2011 Presentation Bodily Integrity in Blemished Bodies, CAPHRI annual meeting, Maastricht, May 19, 2011
2010 Invited speaker, The Ambiguous Ontology of Disfigured Bodies, Symposium ICOG, “Laqueur Revisited: between constructed bodies and bodily materiality”, Groningen University, November 22-23, 2010
2010 Presentation Phenomenology of Bodily Integrity in Disfiguring Breast Cancer. Conference “Bodily Phenomenology”, Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge, Södertön University, Stockholm, Sweden, May 19-21, 2010.
2009 Treatment at Any Cost: How Much Mutilation is Acceptable at Young Age?, Presentation together with Michiel van den Brekel (ENT specialist NKI-AVL) and Guy Widdershoven (Free University Amsterdam), The 9th International Netherlands Cancer Institute Head and Neck Symposium, Netherlands Cancer Institute -Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital (NKI-AVL) Amsterdam, April 16-17.
2009 L’intégrité corporelle. Invited speaker at conference Schéma corporel et image du corps, Département de Philosophie, Université de Genève (projet de recherche: Identité, corps, suject (ICS)) et Haute École de Santé (HEdS), March 12-13, 2009. Sheets presentation
2008 Exploring Bodily Integrity on the Basis of Patient’s Narratives, Paper EACME (European Associations of Centers for Medical Ethics) conference, Prague, September 24-26.
2007 A Strange(r’s) Hand: Empathy and Self-attribution. Paper Annual Meeting Nordic Society for Phenomenology, Copenhagen, April 20-22.
2006 Visible Changes in Appearance and Bodily Identity, Paper international conference on Time in Feminist Phenomenology, Universität Vechta, October 4-7
2006 The Body’s Difference: Identity in Contemporary Culture, Invited speaker, international conference on First Philosophy, Phenomenology and Ethics, Nijmegen, September 21-23.
2006 On the (im)possibility of immediate bodily experience, Paper international conference Mediated Bodies, Maastricht University, September 14-16.
2004 The Myth of Interiority, Paper Expert Meeting The Mediated Body, Maastricht University, 30-31 January 30-31.
2003 Erlebnis-Empfindnis: The Locus of Lived Experience, Paper Merleau-Ponty Circle Meeting, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada, September 18-20.
2003 Body, Flesh and Life: Bergson and Phenomenology, Invited speaker Collegium Phaenomenologicum, Citta di Castello, Italy, July 24
2003 De l’aisthêsis à la poïêsis, Invited speaker colloque Merleau-Ponty: de la perception à l’action, Université de Provence, Aix en Provence, May 15-16.
2003 Frappé(e) par les flèches de Saint-Sébastien : Pour une phénoménologie non-eidétique, Invited speaker colloque international sur l’esthétique et l’herméneutique: La fin des grands récits?, L’université de Bourgogne et le centre Gaston Bachelard de Recherches sur l’imaginaire et la rationalité, Dijon, April 3-4.
2002 Symbolic Fragmentation, Paper Expert Meeting The Mediated Body, Maastricht University, May, 30-31.
2002 L’invisible dans le visible. Vers une phénoménologie de l’eikôn, Invited speaker Colloque International; Merleau-Ponty aux frontières de l’invisible, Faculté de Philosophie, Université Jean Moulin Lyon III, March 1-2.
2002 Singular Body Images from a Feminist and Phenomenological Point of View, Paper Expert Meeting Feminist Phenomenology and Hermeneutics, Radboud University Nijmegen, February 8-10.
2001 Participant Table ronde with Jean-Luc Nancy, Conference Political Theologies, ASCA, Amsterdam, June 27-29.
2001 Ex-corpore: Integrity and Identity of the Body, Paper at The Annual Meeting of the International Association for Philosophy and Literature (IAPL), Atlanta, Georgia, USA, May 1-5.
2000 L’impensé de Descartes: lecture des notes de cours sur ‘L’ontologie cartésienne et l’ontologie d’aujourd’hui’, Paper at Symposium Phenomenologicum in Perugia, Italy, July 17-21.
2000 Désir et expression, invited speaker Journée Merleau-Ponty, École Normale Supérieure, rue d’Ulm, Paris, April 28. Journée d’études ENS
1999 The Psychoanalysis of Nature and the Nature of Expression, Merleau-Ponty Circle, Wrexham, Wales, July 29 – August 1.
1997 Foi et Voir: Télé-vision, entre confiance aveugle et foi perceptive, Paper at Conference Religion et média, l’Institut néerlandais Paris, December 15-17.
1996 Philosophy of the Body as “Figured Philosophy”, Paper at conference Philosophy of the Body: Merleau-Ponty, Slovensko drustvo za estetiko, Ljubljana, Slovenia, November 21-22.
1996 Narcissus and the Mirror of Flesh: Subjectivity in the Late Merleau-Ponty, Paper at Second International Philosophy Conference: International Perspectives on Continental Philosophy, University of Essex, Colchester, England, February 24.